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近来又翻出这本书,把里面的Perl脚本实现的Markov程序敲进去,贴段圣经看了一下,发现结果很短且没有回车,稍微改进了一下程序: markov chain algorithm for 2-word prefixes
$MAXGEN = 10000;
$NONWORD = "\t";
$LINEFEED = "\n";
$w1 = $w2 = $NONWORD;               # initial state
while (<>) {                        # read each line of input
foreach (split) {
push(@{$statetab{$w1}{$w2}}, $_);
($w1, $w2) = ($w2, $_);     # mutiple assignment
push (@{$statetab{$w1}{$w2}}, $LINEFEED);
($w1, $w2) = ($w2, $LINEFEED)# mutiple assignment
push (@{$statetab{$w1}{$w2}}, $NONWORD);    # add tail
$w1 = $w2 = $NONWORD;
for ($i = 0; $i < $MAXGEN; $i++) {
$suf = $statetab{$w1}{$w2};     # array reference
$r = int(rand @$suf);           # @$suf is number of elems
exit if (($t = $suf->[$r]) eq $NONWORD);
print "$t ";
($w1, $w2) = ($w2, $t);         #advance chain


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注意运行perl markov.pl的时候,输入的内容以Ctrl+Z然后回车做结束,不是空行。