Build MapGuide on windows failed

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d:\projects\lbs\proto\opensource_fdo\thirdparty\libcurl\lib\urldata.h(55): fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: ‘openssl/rsa.h’: No such file or directory

Search Baidu find nothing, Search Google find just one related result(very rare for google, but after this blog there may be 2 or more 🙂

The result is a link to Mapguide discussion archive:

IN SHORT, the reason is: I don’t have perl.exe on my path !

Ok, install perl should solve the problem. for safe purpose, I will kick the build off after ruby/python also in the path, god knows they might need more…

FDO’s ODBC provider failed, can’t find any document. switch ODBC part off in build.bat make FDO build through.
But MapGuide still build break.

Fxck, just find FDO sdk, after unzip bin/inc/lib of FDO sdk to mapguide\FDO folder, every thing goes well.